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100% indigenous business, efficient and attentive to customers

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Tsiwei Technology

100% Indigenous company that promotes open source, automation, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

We are constantly on the lookout for new products in order to quickly benefit our customers.

The services we offer are free of rights.

  • Open Source Solution

    No license fees.

  • Listening to the customer

    Listening to the customer is the basis of our operations, it allows us to offer them the optimal solution.

With more than ten years of experience in the IT field, Tsiwei Technology wants to stand out from other companies by offering different efficient solutions without binding the customer to any company.



The various services offered by Tsiwei Technology.

Data hosting

Data hosting service on private or public cloud with high level of security.

VPN service

Use of OpenVPN technology paired with higher level authentication for increased security

Logo design

Design and redesign in a high quality logo to make good impression.

Team Chat

Real-time conversations with your colleagues, other companies or customers. Data security and privacy in each conversation.

Email hosting & website

Email accessibility via a compatible web page for all devices or an app. Free certificate with web hosting!

Website creation

Website development, redesign and update to meet the latest industry standards


Contact us

Tsiwei Technology is located in the community of Wendake and the owner is Ilnu-Wendat.


195 Chef Max Gros-Louis, Wendake, G0A 4V0